GearMount™ Magentic Mini Strip Car Phone Holder

Color: Silver
Sale price$19.99



This Magnetic Mount is definitely the choice for you, if you want a holder that's easy to attach and easy to remove. Unlike the ones with arm holder that requires effort due to its superb tension, this mount takes just one low profile 'click'. Instantly, its assures you it's safely attached or removed. 

Imagine it as simple as attaching fridge magnets.

Additionally, this phone mount allows you to adjust the placement of your phone, (vertically or horizontally) depending on your needs. With its relatively small size, you can stick it to any nooks and crannies on your dashboard. So, this won't cover any of your air vents or needed dashboard areas. 

For stability, GearMount™ Magnetic Mini Strip features powerful attributes that makes it perform its holding purpose well. 


✔ EXTRA POWERFUL 6 MAGNETS - To give you the amount of holding force, this magnetic suction stent has six (6) integrated N50 powerful magnets that securely carries all smartphones and mini tablets. It is covered with anti-skid silicone on a electroplated aluminum alloy platform.

With this, the mount can ensure steady–not shaky–attachment.

✔ MULTI-FUNCTIONS MAGNETIC MOUNT - This Magnetic GearMount does one thing, but can be used for many purposes. Utilize it to safely hold your phone or keys or anything metal in any areas of your car, kitchen, office, bedroom or study room.

✔ SUPER EASY TO INSTALL - No Tools required. Just stick it to any flat areas and you’re good to go. It has 3M Adhesive to stick on any flat surface.

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