GearCleaningPro™ - Automatic Window Vacuum Cleaner

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 Less Risk, Less Cost: The Right Window Cleaning Companion for You

Best Option in the Market—this robotic window cleaner provides you the cleaning power you need to do the perfect glass cleaning whether it be for houses, offices, or buildings.

During these times, cleaning is a must-performed task every day for maintenance and protection. This smart and innovative cleaning tool could be your step-up game for your housecleaning which makes this ideal for you to create more time for other activities you do. It makes cleaning a lot easier and good maintenance, as well as window cleaning, is pretty hard cleaning work.

Windows need not only cleaning but also polishing. GearCleaningPro - Automatic Window Vacuum Cleaner helps you provide all these needs: Creates more time for you, Gives the right window cleaning and maintaining, plus Less risk and cost in the long run.

It's just about time to invest in this kind of tool that benefits you for a long time. Get to know more of what it does:


  • INTELLIGENT MICROCOMPUTER SYSTEM: This smart and efficient robotic window cleaner is designed to run automatically. Initially, It performs quick scans and calculates the size of windows and mirrors. Once data is gathered, it programs a custom path for maximum speed and cleaning efficiency. It's capable of wiping, scrubbing frames, and navigating paths.


  • POWER MICROFIBER CLEANING SYSTEM:  With cleaning disc, cleaning ring, and microfiber cleaning cloth combined, this window cleaner exhibits deep cleaning on glass and tiles through a microcomputer drive system and Super-strong vacuum absorption system.


  • VACUUM ABSORPTION SYSTEM: This cleaning tool has an absorption capacity of up to 56Kpa and can withstand 52.5kg vertical gravity, 13kg horizontal pulling force that creates its tight absorption on glass and tiles for a long time.


  • MEMS DETECTION:  Using this smart system, it operates with a highly sensitive sensor that enables its intelligent identification of obstacles which then makes it adaptable whether on small or large windows.


  • ENDURANCE SUPPORT LIFE: It can last for up to 30 minutes even after the power cut off. This support system turns on automatically to avoid falling out even when the sudden power cut-offs.


  • USER-FRIENDLY: With a one-touch operation, just turn it ON, place it on the window, and press Start at the remote controller. A Safety Rope will protect the robot from falling down.


  • FOR ANY TYPES OF WINDOW: Under the drive of the microcomputer, it automatically cleans glass windows, shower doors, mirror, floor, ceiling, glass and windows, and even kitchen granite or other smooth walls and floorings.

Note: The whole machine has passed CE, FCC, ROHS quality tests and certifications; The power supply passes CCC, CE, FCC, UL, ROHS safety tests and certifications;

Package Includes:

1 Host

1 Power Cable + Adapter,

1 Remote Control

1 Pair of Batteries

2 Pairs of Cleaning Rings (4)

1 Extension of 4meters

1 Safety Rope

10 Cleaning Cloths

1  English Manual

1 Post-sale Warranty Card

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