FullySlept™ Anti-Snoring EMS Device

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The solution for sleep snoring💤

Eight hours of sleep is the most important duration of a day. During this duration, your muscles relax which calms the brain down and starts processing new memories. 

But if you have a snoring problem, things get a little noisy to others. And this often leads to more problems for others than snorers. 

The worst part of the problem with snoring is that it really ruins your life. 

Enter FullySlept™ Anti-snoring Device–the device that will help you get a great night's sleep. This Snore Stopper is a device users can wear at night to prevent the vibrations in the throat that cause coughing or snoring. 

The user needs to place the device below the chin. The sensors in the device will work to detect and collect snoring data. 

The device adopts bone conduction and sound recognition technologies to accurately recognize snoring. 

Upon successful recognition of snoring, the device emits 10Hz-60Hz of micro impulses as a form of physical intervention*. 

This will guide the muscle around the throat to tighten and open up the airway to make you breathe smoothly and quietly. 

When the snoring stops, you enter into a deep and good sleep. 

This stimulates the muscles of the throat to contract to adjust the state of the user/’s breathing.

*Physical intervention is no treatment, there is no harm to the body.

Features & Benefits

Comfortable and quick control of snoring: An innovative solution designed to help every user sleep quietly! Snoring variation trend. 

Small Device, Great Effect: Adopts transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation(TENS) technology to effectively stop snoring. 

Magnetic Electrode Patch: The magnetic electrode patch is made of medical material and features hypo-allergenic and high adhesive properties. It is comfortable to wear, secure and does not fall off easily.

Magnetic Charging Base: Connect the USB charging cable to the charging base, and then place the device in the base for charging. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge, after which it works for more than 24 hours. An all-new experience allows you to better understand your snoring.


Package Includes

1 x Smart anti-snoring device

1 x USB data cable

2 x Ear lanyard

2 x Silicone ear rope buckle

1 x User Instructions

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