Fast Hockey Sling Puck Board Game

Size: Large 55*30*3.2cm
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Gather everyone and get ready to play this game!

It's going to be the main event this holiday celebration.

It's a new and exciting puck slinging tabletop game for the whole family! With easy rules to play, you can group in to two and choose a representative for each party to compete. The first one to finish slinging ice hockey to the opponent wins. You can have as many match as you want and different matching opponents as well. 

For experienced players, an advance game play recommendation we have is the Punisher variant. Each time you lunch an ice hockey without going through the other side, you must pick up an opponent's ice hockey and recite a punishment affirmation such as "I accept my punishment".

Surely, this simple game can be a lot more fun with every family or group of friends variation. Creative idea is all yours to develop!

More details

  • Fast paced action game for children to develop hand-eye coordination, motor skills and helps in focusing and patience. 
  • High Quality Handmade Wood Board Game
  • Includes: 1 chessboard, 10 hockey pieces

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