Eternal Writing Pencil

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Color: 3pcs Pencil tip
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Write Forever. Inkless. Graphite-less.

Did you know?

Each year, over 82,000 trees are cut down just to make pencils?

It's widely known that deforestation is one of the reasons for climate change.

So, to help prevent these effects, we want to make a change even in one of the products that are mainly produced through trees.

And that is simply by producing them without the use of the trees anymore.

Introducing Everlasting Pencil. ✨

This innovative pencil is made of compressed metal. Each of these pencils is equivalent and even outlasts 100 traditional pencils.

NO Need to Sharpen, NO Ink, and definitely, NO More Trees Used.

How Does it Happen?

Simple. The nib rubs on the paper to decompose the alloy metal molecules and leave them on the paper's surface.

This pencil can be used on most paper, and the handwriting can be retained for a long time, regardless of temperature or weather conditions.


Replaceable Alloy Nibs: Easily replace the nibs after a long time of use. Just screw them to the mouth of the holder.

Durable & Cost-saving: Available in different colors, this pen is meant for you to reuse. No need to keep buying sets of pencils in the future. 

Erasable Everlasting Pencil:  With an additional long eraser inside, the alloy pen can be erased just your traditional pencil. 

Spread the word now; gift this to your friends or family.
Let this Amazing Eco-friendly Pencil be known,
and Help Lessen Deforestation.

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