Electric Pasta Maker - 180W Noodle Machine with 6 Shaping Discs

Plug: 220V
Sale price$494.99


Mix, knead, and extrude up pasta in just 10 minutes!

Need some extra help in the kitchen? Our Electric Pasta Maker is perfect for anyone who enjoys making pasta. Simply use the provided measuring cups to accurately add the amount of water needed for your desired thickness to make pasta, and let the machine do its job!

Prepare fresh, homemade pasta and noodles in the comfort of your home!

Our Electric Pasta Maker is easy to use, making delicious noodles and pastas in a snap. This machine can make up to 1 pound of fresh pasta in the comfort of your home, without having to spend countless hours hand-rolling dough and kneading dough by hand.

It has 6 shaped discs!

Use this tool to shape shorties and ravioli, or get creative with linguine, penne and fettuccine. With a storage drawer, it’s easy to keep your discs organized discreetly on the machine when not in use.

Circulating cooling system

If you have a busy lifestyle, this Electric Pasta Maker is the perfect kitchen tool for you. The circulating cooling system in the bottom of four rows of heating holes, ensures that the pasta will not be harmed by overheating, making it quite durable.

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