Electric Heating Foot Massager

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Get the perfect solution to relax your tense foot muscles.

Help your body regulate blood flow with Heating Foot Massager.

This Shiatsu Heating Massager has an infrared therapy massager with 10 modes for deep penetration of the muscles for a soothing and relaxing experience!

This foot massager is easy to operate and portable to use with its built-in carry handle. 

Plus, you can adjust its strength in 99 levels! Isn't it awesome? 

You can now enjoy a great foot massage right from the comfort of your home without ever having to wait for your turn at the salon and spending much!

It's the treat you deserve everyday! 


Promote Circulation: Foot massage machine with a new chip, and 2 output ports, the microcurrent act on the human body, directly stimulating muscle and nerve tissue to promote blood circulation.

Human Massage: Foot massager simulates the effects of human beating, massage, kneading, acupuncture, and moxibustion, with 56 working modes for you to choose from.

10 Modes: 56 kinds of biological electromagnetic waves are transmitted to each part of the human body in 10 modes alternately, which can decompose, stimulate toxins and promote human metabolism in a targeted manner.

99 Strength: Electric foot massager with 99 kinds of strength can be used according to your preferences, reasonable distribution of biological electromagnetic waves output strength to achieve the desired effect.

Timing Function: Infrared foot massager can improve blood circulation, remove blood stasis and detoxify through infrared deep penetration massage, with 90 minutes timing for convenient use.

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