Dog Ball Launcher, Interactive Ball Thrower, Load & Launch Tennis Balls for Dogs

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Dog Ball Launcher: Squeaky Set
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Have fun with your furry best friend and keep a game of fetch going for hours! 

This is a perfect dog toy for hours of interactive playtime in the backyard, at the park, or on the beach. 
Launch tennis balls for small dogs and big dogs without straining your arm. 
Our innovative, lightweight design allows for hands-free pickup, so you will never touch a slobbery tennis ball again. 
All you have to do is place the barrel over the ball and gently push it down to pick up the ball. 
Each tennis ball Launcher includes one Tennis ball, with extra storage for two more balls. 
Our brightly colored tennis balls for dogs are easy to spot in the grass, bushes, or leaves. 
These launchers are ideal for training, exercise, and overall fitness. Not only will they keep your dog happy and healthy, but they also make great gifts for pet parents
As with all pet toys and tennis ball launchers, pet parent supervision is highly recommended.


The Ball Launcher is an interactive dog toy that launches tennis balls for dogs' favorite game – fetch!


Features a quick trigger, and seamless tennis ball launch to get your dog jumping and fetching. More play means a healthier, happier dog.


Adjust the distance you launch tennis balls for your dog by pulling a lever. The further back you pull, the further the tennis ball blasts, which means more exercise for your dog.


Load tennis balls in this tennis ball thrower for dogs by placing the nuzzle over the ball and pulling the lever.

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