ComfySnug™ Sleeping Support Body Pillow

Variant: Purple/Blue
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ComfySnug™ Comfortable Pillow guides you to your best sleeping position at night. Experience its snuggable appeal coming from its 100% cotton material inside and its cute pastel colors, available in matching colors of pink, blue & purple. It's the best way to tuck yourself into sleep to end the day. It's also recommended being used while letting yourself enjoy a day, relaxing.


COMFORTABLE BODY PILLOW: While this is designed for expecting or breastfeeding mothers, this U-shaped body pillow is great for side sleepers. It offers belly, bump, arm & neck support, and may alleviate pain and discomfort.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL POSITIONS: For leisure times such as reading or binge-watching, you can use this full body pillow to lounge, sit, or lay down on your side.

PLUSH & HYPOALLERGENIC: This maternity pillow is made from 100% polyester, and is ideal even for people with allergies and sensitive skin or other medical conditions. Pregnant women can utilize this comfortable cushion after birth for infants to rest on while breastfeeding. This can replace all other bed cushions and pillows for you to enjoy total comfort and therapeutic benefits.

EASY MACHINE WASHABLE: To clean, simply toss the pillow into the washing machine on a cold, delicate cycle. This long U-shaped pregnancy pillow makes the best gifts for expecting mothers or present for anyone you care to have a relaxing and comfortable time at their home.


Color: Pastels in Blue, Pink & Violet

Inner Materials: Cotton

Inner cover: Polyester Fiber

Outer Cover Fabric: Dyed Cotton

Product Size: 72" x 36"  ( L x W )        

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