RazorSharpPro™ - Chainsaw Blade Sharpener

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Bring Back the Cutting Power of Your Chainsaw in NO TIME.

Not cutting as it should be?
Run it for a few seconds in RazorSharpPro™ - Chainsaw Blade Sharpener.
You'll get the quick fix you need for your chainsaw cutting edge like it's all NEW!


Our Universal Chainsaw Blade Sharpener lets you get more work done by providing an effective sharpener kit with quality whetstone lodged in a grinding case.

It is focused on giving you a high-grade equipment to bring the right maintenance for your chainsaw tool.


Fast in Action - It performs a simple and fast method to transform dull chains into its best razor-sharp quality in just 3-5 seconds.

Premium Design Model - Our RazorSharpPro™ Chainsaw Sharpener is made of premium engineering ABS plastic material with strength and toughness properties. Plus, a quality whetstone bearing a maximum wear resistance for long lasting performance. Built perfectly for getting the job done in sharpening secured and fast.

Well-structured Product Design - Designed with two holes for fixed sharpening. One hole is fixed and the other one is adjustable and removeable. It's trouble-free when installing your chains. Suitable for most 14"/16"/18"/20" chains on the market.

Great Value Item - With oustanding specifications, this product is a must have item to have in your tool shed. It's a good investment allowing proper maintenance on chainsaw blades for long lasting and razor-sharp cutting.


  • Detachable Whetstone: If the whetstone is loose after opening the package, simply re-install the stone on the grinding case to get it ready for use.
  • During chainsaw installment, check the number of holes of your chainsaw to set the sharpener with the corresponding rivets necessary.

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