Car Flashing LED Light - Fake Security Light, Solar Powered Dummy Alarm

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Prevent Car Theft at Night or Day with this Car Flashing LED Face Alarm.


Provide maximum security for your car or vehicle. This dummy alarm uses solar energy to be powered and will not require any battery installation.

The LED alarm light flashes when it gets dark so you will know your car is safe and secure at all times.

Moreover, if you need it to flash during the day as well, just cover one end using dark paper and you are good to go.

Installation is easy – just stick it on the roof of your vehicle using the creative glue provided.

Get peace of mind knowing this Car Flashing Fake Alarm has your back with our durable, reliable, and efficient car security alarm system. 


☑️ Solar anti-theft warning lights, Solar energy Can be absorbed and stored in high-efficiency solar cells

☑️ Built-in high capacity AN Ni-Mh battery, with no memory effect and long service life

☑️ High-quality, Imported high Brightness LED Chips

☑️ If there is no sunlight for a long time, you can also use the Micro USB interface to charge

☑️ No wires are needed, just stick to the roof of the vehicle with the corresponding glue

☑️ It can be charged by solar, or put a switch to "on" or "off"

☑️ Built-in light sensor, this LED light will flash at night time and will not flash during the day. (You can cover the other end if you want it to flash during the day.)


Put yourself at ease knowing that no matter what time of day it is, you can rest assured that your car is as safe as ever!

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