Car Cup Holder

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Type: Cup Holder
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Enjoy your favorite drink while on a long drive, without having to worry about your bottle or cup not fitting, or spills with this Car Cup Holder.


Bottles of all shapes and sizes can be stored in this Car Cup Holder.  Using the cup holder, you could fit bottles of 3.4 - 3.8 inches or cups ranging from 18 to 40 oz. It's also possible to remove the cup holder's rubber tabs if you need to fit a large bottle inside it. The gap left by the Car Cup Holder can also accommodate a mug.


To keep your personal items safe and secure, this holder includes an organizer that can be used to keep your compact devices and small belongings organized. All the little things you need like your phone, pods, cards, sunglasses, wallet or keys which are generally just scattered around in your compartment can be organized in one place. Your personal items will no longer be a source of confusion since everything you need is organized and within reach. The organizer is also detachable so if you don't need it, you can feel free to take it off.


The base of the cup holder is made of a firm and thick rubber that keeps it from swaying. Installing it does not necessitate expanding the base of your console. It is sturdy and will not shake when holding your cup or bottle.

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