Baby Bassinet Adjustable Bedside Sleeper

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Take care of your baby whenever, wherever.

This Adjustable Bedside Baby Crib is surely what you and your baby need!

Designed for ease whenever you move around, this bassinet is completely adjustable and portable. It has many features for you to benefit with:

Adjustable Feet

The feet are adjustable, to make it easier to get close to the parent's bed. Enjoy more peaceful moments from nap time to nighttime. With its smart design, this baby bassinet is a dream for parents and babies.

Adjustable Height

The height adjusts to accommodate the height of mom and dad’s bed, making it easier for you to care for your baby even in the middle of the night, and keeping your baby cozy and close.

Simple & Quick Conversion

Just one step to take the bassinet wall down, A quick lift on the side will unhook the bassinet wall then align with the pipe below and put it in, you are in bedside sleeper mode now.

Air Mesh and Music Toy Design

The open mesh sides allow more breathable comfort and visibility, giving the baby a cooler and more comfortable space to rest. Soothing sounds lull the baby to sleep and the toy provides your baby with a feel and grab.

Comfortable Skin-friendly Fabric

Premium quality fabric, each baby with delicate skin needs to be cared for in high-quality baby products. And this washable material could keep clean always for a child.

Washable Mattress Cover

A padded mattress with a washable cover is easy to take off and machine-washable. Give you peace of mind when you’re a new parent.

Sleep Like A Baby

This bedside sleeper and bassinet are irresistibly comfortable and undeniably cozy. Rediscover the meaning of "sleep like a baby" when your little one snoozes, you can too.

Perfect Bedside Sleeper

A quick conversion takes the Bassinet over to Bedside Sleeper mode, your little one is within arm's reach throughout the night. Be sure to always use included straps to anchor the Sleeper to the adult bed.

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