Automotive Bluetooth Reciever Kit

Color: White
Item: Bluetooth v4.1
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Get wireless with this Automotive Bluetooth Kit.

If your car doesn't come with Bluetooth function, a quick and easy solution is to acquire this mini add-on accessory.

It's simple to operate by connecting it to any of your device e.g. headphones, earphones, speakers etc. and pair via Bluetooth connection. Built with rechargeable li-ion battery, it features as well long working time as it functions in low-power consumption mode.For car use, it comes with 3.5mm jack adapter to easily connect it on any of your vehicle and set-up from there.

Automotive Bluetooth Receiver provides you as well a high quality sound with its noise-reduction feature. It has Sound insulation where it has the ability to to identify sound frequency through intelligent control chip and generate reverse signal to filter out external noises within the range of non-human voice frequency. 

Device Operation:

Power off: MFB long press for 3 seconds

Volume up: short press VOL+

Volume reduction: press VOL-

Switching languages: double-click and hold MFB in the pairing state (red and blue lights flashing)

Pairing timeout shutdown: shutdown after 5 minutes of pairing status

Low voltage reminder: when the voltage is less than 3.2v, it is reminded every 5 seconds, and 3.1v is off


Music Control:

Play/pause: press MFB

Last song: VOL- press for 2 seconds

Next song: VOL+ 2 seconds


Telephone Control:

Answer the phone: press MFB when calling

Reject the call: the duration of the call is MFB

Unsigned redial: double-click the MFB key, then press MFB to cancel the dialing 


With this smart add-on, you can now stream music from your phone or pick up calls hands-free while breezly driving.


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