Archangel Michael Natural Wood Carved Statue

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Add sacred guidance to your home with the symbol of divine strength, our Archangel Michael.

It depicts Michael standing on the head of a giant dragon with his sword.

A truly powerful amulet for yourself or your loved ones.

The name of Archangel Michael means "Who is like God" in Hebrew.

He is a patron Saint of law enforcement officers, military (soldiers), paramedics, and firemen.

Such wooden wall canvas is a great religious gift for your friends and loved ones, regardless of age and social status or decoration in your home.

It is durable, not getting worse, does not lose its authentic form, doesn't go out of style, and will last more than a lifetime.


The symbol of MIchael's strength is a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. It is durable, does not lose its authentic carved form, and will last more than a lifetime. 


This Icon is made from high-quality natural solid Oakwood. The Icon’s finest details and its sizing involve computer processing technology with manual tuning and the final details are finished by hand with wood oil-coating.

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