All-in-1 Twist Off Opener for Cans, Jars & Bottles

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All-in-1 Twist Off Opener for Cans, Jars & Bottles is a must-have addition to your kitchen. It comfortably fits in hand with its rubber non-slip grip, which is also the best for opening the sturdiest sealed bottle and jars out there. Easily open and get your food prep done faster than before.

      • Multi-purpose opener for kitchen.
      • Easily open many kinds of sealed container.
      • Ideal for arthritic hands, seniors, people with limited hand strength, people with long fingernails, and people looking for a better, faster, easier way.
      • Open pop tabs, pull tabs, bags, safety seals, metal and plastic bottle caps, jars, and more.
      • Ergonomic rubber non-slip grip (no slippage even with wet hands), and dishwasher-safe.

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