Advanced Professional LED Tooth Whitening Kit

Variants: Teeth Whitening Kit
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Teeth stains are results from too-many-to-mention causes that are obviously from everyday products we eat or use. Because of this, our teeth needs the maintenance to keep the tartars or anything that causes teeth to be yellow from building up.

Now, maintenance can hurt in the pocket it takes routine not just a one time solution.

But with he NEW Advanced Professional Teeth Whitening, the tool to be bought just one time and you can have the whitening you need. One that fits for your routinely teeth cleaning.


16 POWERFUL LED BULBS & ADVANCED FEATURES: This Teeth Whitening Light contains 16-LED bulbs for brighter whitening, compared to low-quality competitor lights with a single bulb, enhancing your teeth whitening process. Brings back your smile faster and brighter for long!

ENERGY SAVING: With our teeth whitening featuring 3 adapters for iPhone, android, and USB, you can easily use it without thinking if you're running out of batteries. Also, this is compatible with any commercial teeth whitening gel or teeth whitening strips. 

SAFE, LONG-LASTING & EFFECTIVE TEETH WHITENING: Advanced Teeth Whitening Light Treatment applies high-intensity blue light as a catalyst to penetrate an appropriate amount of a whitening agent into the dentin. Through its oxidation it can remove the unwanted color on your teeth.

PORTABLE, EASY-TO-USE: Just plug it to your smartphone (iPhone or Android) or USB port and use with your whitening gel. Blue light is safe for at-home whitening and causes no negative side effects or tooth sensitivity. With a small storage case, whiten your teeth anywhere, anytime.

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