Adjustable Pet Seat Belt

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Color: Pink
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Keep your pets safe from sudden breaks!

Some happenings are inevitable. Especially, at the road.

The best thing is to prepare safety measures that will keep everyone safe--including your pets.

This Adjustable Pet Seat Belt is made with that in mind.

So, when things get a sudden turn of events, your pets wouldn't get hurt.


  • Best Quality: Made of high-quality nylon fabric to ensure safety, wear-resistant, rugged, durable use is not easy to wear.

  • Long-lasting: High-quality zinc alloy hook with corrosion resistance properties & a flexible switch.

  • Adjustable Length: About 50 - 80 cm / 20 - 31.5 inch 

  • Pet Safety Belt Width: About 2.5 cm / 1 inch


✔ Simply attach the hook to your dog’s harness and fasten the other end to the seat belt slot.

This acts as safety for pets from sudden braking or sharp turns, and also as a prevention from distracting the driver.

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