4 In 1 Electric Kitchen Vegetable Cutter

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Do you also waste a lot of time cutting fruits & vegetables every day?

With our Smart Electric Vegetable Cutter you not only save a lot of time cutting, but you can use it for peeling and even as a cleaning brush, making your kitchen work much easier. All at the touch of a button.

Why makes this Kitchen Veggie Cutter so special?

✅ Saves time, money & space

✅ Less effort, faster cooking

✅ Easy preparation of dishes & smoothies

✅ SmartCut™ replaces 4 appliances

✅ Comfortable handle

✅ Easy operation at the touch of a button

✅ Chopping and slicing in seconds

✅ Integrated cleaning brush

✅ Cordless & USB charging method

Our Electric Vegetable Cutter replaces 4 devices

Imagine having to buy a meat grinder, vegetable slicer, economy peeler and electric cleaning brush separately?

With this kitchen tool, you can replace all four appliances, so you save a lot of time, money & space when chopping and slicing all kinds of food.

Cut evenly instead of chopping

With this electric kitchen tool, vegetables and fruits are evenly chopped into small pieces for a crunchy effect, so you can enjoy healthy meals every day.
Chop all foods

The Veggie Cutter chops everything from onions to garlic cloves without physical effort. Its 100% stainless steel blades chop and mince all vegetables, herbs, fruits and even nuts in seconds.

Enjoy a delicious smoothie

You'll love spending your time preparing delicious fresh juices for breakfast or lunch.

This handheld electric cutter is your personal chef, providing tasty, rich and nutritious smoothies.

Convenient feed opening

You can conveniently add any ingredient through the feed opening without having to unscrew and close the lid every time.

Integrated cleaning brush

A cleaning brush is also included, so you can maintain your set after each use. This means you'll spend less time prepping and cleaning, so you can achieve up to 30% productivity.

Easy to rinse

Simply fill the tank with water and detergent and press the power switch to start automatic self-cleaning.

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