4-Hole Diamond Ice Mold - Flexible Silicone Ice Mold Tray

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Add a bit more glamour to your drinks and complete your celebration.

Whether you're simply having a relaxing moment with yourself or having a blast with everyone, the diamond ice cube this mold creates is sure to add a fun luxury!
The Diamond Ice Cube Molder allows you to create diamond-shaped ice cubes for your cocktails, adding sophistication and style. 
Made of high-quality, food-grade silicone, it is safe, durable, and easy to use. 
Diamond-shaped ice cubes melt slower and retain the flavor of the drink, making them perfect for special occasions or impressing guests.

Interesting Shape

Having a big diamond is a dream of many people. The diamond-shaped ice cube produced by this mold is equivalent to the size of a diamond of 1000 carats. When you have a wine tasting with your friends, you give them a sparkling ice diamond of 1000 carats.

Safe Materials

Diamond ice molds are made of high-quality food-grade materials, BPA Free. Ensure absolute food safety. It can be used in a freezer, a microwave oven, or a dishwasher. So you can safely use ice cubes. A non-stick design, ice is easy to release and can be reusable.


Multifunctional Use

Four realistic large diamond-shaped blocks of ice can be created at a time. Great for cool Whiskies, Scotch Whiskey, Bourbon Whiskey, Liqueurs, Cocktails, coffee, sodas, lemonade, tea, and juices. Also get creative with DIY popsicles, jellies, popsicles, and fruit and vegetable ice cubes.
With 4-Ice Cube Molds, you will get 4 small sizes of 1.8" x 1.3'' diamond-shaped ice cubes, slowly melting in your drinks and it is very fun to make ice cubes with kids.

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