One Father’s Illness Led His Son To Discover An Amazing Detox Foot Bath That Changed His Life

There Are 80,000 Chemicals Produced In The USA, How Many Are In Your Body? One Man’s Journey To Detox

Something happened to me recently that has me really shaken up and I just feel the need to talk about it. It's pretty embarrassing but when my dad began experiencing disgusting toxin overload symptoms, I had to talk to someone about it.

I had to watch my dad suffer through some of the worst after effects you can imagine, and it completely changed the way I live my life.

Let me start by saying, my dad would be really upset if he found out I was telling you this. He’s a “man’s man,” the type of guy who doesn’t cry about anything.

I watched my dad step on a nail once while I was working with him, he just pulled it out and went right back to work.

“Being Sick Will Never Stop Me” he used to say.

But after years of working in construction and living near some industrial parks, all those toxins he worked with caught up with him.

Worst Days Of My Life

He had two months of the most horrible after effects I can think of. Diarrhea, sneezing fits, coughing fits, sore throats, going to the bathroom like 10 times an hour...I felt so bad for my dad.

He finally went to the doctor who told him he had toxin overload.

"Frank, your body is full of more chemicals than any factory in China."

He was exaggerating a little, but we knew my dad had been near too many toxins over his life. Heavy metals, chemicals, fats and oils from all the fast food he ate, it was awful. Plus, pesticides from what he drank, alcohol from those all-night parties… the list goes on.

At that moment, I realized I had to make a major change in my life or I’d end up sick too.

“Don’t be like me.” He told me when he went back into the hospital for more tests.

I realized I had to do something drastic and long term to change how I treat my body. It was right there I committed to doing a real total body cleanse.

“I’m gonna get clean, head to toe.” I told myself.

The question was “Where do I start?”

Shocking Facts About Our Bodies

The US produces 80,000 chemicals and the EPA only tests for 200 of them. That means our bodies are full of synthetic chemicals, heavy metals and more.

I did some online research and discovered so many cleanses my dad would call “BS.” Juice cleanses, water cleanses, light cleanses, but they all seemed so stupid.

See there were a few major problems with all of those cleanses:

Food and juice cleanses only deal with the gut and digestive track
Most cleanses focus on certain toxins, not all of them
They don’t have long term results

I kept reading and reading, I even traveled to different parts of the world to see how ancient tribes dealt with detoxing.

That’s when I learned this ancient Japanese proverb “The feet are the mirror of the body.”

This made no sense to me, then I learned some really cool facts. Of the human body’s 360 pressure points used for things like acupuncture, 60 are in the feet!

Think about that, my torso is like 20 times as big as my feet, but the feet have way more pressure points. I knew then I had to find something that dealt with the feet.

Then, while visiting my uncle who has diabetes, I learned something else shocking - the feet are one of the main points of circulation.

See, that’s why diabetics have such food trouble when their issues get serious. Poor foot circulation is a sign of so many other problems.

Finally, after a ton of research and even traveling all over to learn more, the answer was revealed to me.

The Nurse Knew The Answer

I was telling my dad all the work I was doing to detox while he was getting his IV changed and his nurse overhead me.

She interrupted my conversation and told me about this amazing detox foot bath.

“If you want to be toxin free, you have to try this.” She told me.

I couldn’t believe it, it really seemed too good to be true.
“So, just any detox foot bath?” I asked her.

“No, the one I use is called OuraCleanse™ and it’s the best, ionic detox foot bath I’ve ever experienced.”

I was curious and asked “Why does ionic matter?”

“Because,” she told me “that’s where the most important part of the detoxification process comes from.”

So now, I was super interested in learning more about OuraCleanse™.

What Is OuraCleanse™ and How Does It Work?

Foot baths are nothing new. They’ve been around for thousands of years. But OuraCleanse’s Professional-Grade Ionic Detox Foot Bath includes something unique – ionization.
The Ionic Detox Foot Bath comes with an ionizer which, when placed in the water, releases ions through the water and into your body through your feet.
The chemical process of hydrolysis uses the salts and excretes fats from your feet. It works so well that it changes the color of the water that your feet are soaking in from clear to a brownish color.
Your cells are then energized by the ions and empowered to release all the toxins, the oils, fats, heavy metals, acids and other “cellular debris” which has accumulated over your lifetime.

Wait, How Many Are Being Sold?

  • So I did some research again (I’m just that kind of person) and discovered this thing had sold 1.7 million units just in 2021 alone! it really worth it?

I sat down and thought about it. I want to be able to really detox my whole body, but this all seems way too good to be true. So, I decided to see what people were saying about it on social media.

The Testimonials Are Amazing

A 5-Star Review From A Crazy Source

My girlfriend was watching her favorite home improvement show “House, Home and Wholeness.” You know, the one where they rebuild homes for people? Well, the host Janet Riddle bought this for one of the contestants on the show.

“This woman complained of toxin overload, so I researched, asked my friends in the industry, and learned something. Turns out that the OuraCleanse™ was hands down the best there was. After our contestant Sarah used it, she said she had better sleep, felt healthier, had less stress and felt like all her organs were rejuvenated!”

Well, I Tried It And...

So, I had to try this thing out right? I mean, a nurse, a TV show host and a bunch of other people I didn’t even mention raved about this thing.

I put my feet in, added the ionizer and OMG it was soooo disgusting! After a little while, the water turned like a dark muddy brown!

Is This Going To Empty My Wallet?

  • So, remember how I told you other ionic foot baths cost like $500 or even $2,000? Well here's maybe the best part of OuraCleanse™ it costs a fraction of that.
  • Normally it's like $400...but they're running a deal for the rest of the month and it's just $179.99.
  • And no, not $179.99 a month or something, just $179.99!

You Have To Get This

All that research, all those testimonials, all that word of mouth means you have GOT TO TRY THIS!

Your body, your organs, your blood stream, your mind and even your soul will thank you!


UPDATE 10 Aug 2021 - Ever since the OuraCleanse(™) was featured on TV, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated and has since sold over 2 million units. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a one-time discount of 50% off. To see if they are still available, click on the button below.

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